Just Life: Balancing Act

Daily, people ask me “how do you do it? Balance school work, modeling, and life in general”. In all honesty, sometimes I don’t. There are days when there are just not enough seconds in the day to get done what I have to get done. There are some days when I run out of time and collapse in a heap, doesn’t everyone have those days. But here are some tips I have for staying on track and having a happy and healthy life.

  1. It’s okay to say “no”. There are often times when I get fantastic opportunities and I have to say no due to prior commitments, or too much school-work. And that is okay, it is not possible (unfortunately), to do it all. And as they say “never bite off more than you can chew”.
  2. Prioritize. Figure out what it is that is important to you and always put that first. For me, it is my education. When it comes to scheduling my work life and social life, it always is planned around my class schedule and the amount of time I need to get my school work done. Sometime’s it’s difficult to decide what choice to make when opportunities present themselves, but if you have priorities set in place you are able to make the choice that is going to feel better in your gut in the long run.
  3. Fuel your body and fuel your mind. I used to struggle, with all the traveling I do, with caffeine. I couldn’t survive a day without one, two, or three Diet Cokes. Traveling also caused a lot of stops for quick and easy food, I fell into the trap of convenience foods. I quickly realized that this isn’t the way to keep going and make effective use of my time. In order to be able to take on the world each morning, it is important that you fuel your body. I cut caffeine and switched to water, my favorite miracle worker. And with the help of my trainer, the Winning Edge, I learned quick and easy foods that wouldn’t leave me feeling greasy and bogged down (smoothies are a personal favorite).
  4. Smile and enjoy the ride. This year, I have learned that God truly does have a plan, and when one door closes another one opens. Sometimes life doesn’t go according to the plan I have, it takes a whole new direction and when it does you just have to roll with it. It is so very important when balancing life to understand that there is no way to plan everything perfectly, it’s just unreasonable. You have to be willing to adjust
  5.  Surround yourself with love and support. I just wrote an entire post which will be my next blog about this. But in high school, it’s so difficult to find people who build you up and do not tear you down. I always struggled to separate myself from the negative people and embrace the positive people. The older I get, the more I realize how much positive and supportive people can impact your life. The biggest thing that gets me through each busy day is the support of the people around me: friends, family and strangers. I couldn’t do what I love to do if it weren’t for the constant love and support I receive. When I feel like giving up, I don’t because I have a whole team of people behind me who are there to keep me moving.

Set goals whether they be daily, monthly or long term. I have shared a lot that my goals right at the moment are to be a successful student, loving friend, daughter, sister and girlfriend and go as far as I can as a Midwest model and actress. This seems like a lot but some days my list is a simply as 1)call mom and dad 2)skype boyfriend 3)workout 4)study for two hours 5)respond to work emails 6)remember to eat 7)breathe and 8)sleep

Those are great days, most of the time there are approximately 27 other items on the list and they involve driving across state lines several times. But that is all part of the delicate balance that is my life. At least I know when I collapse I have dozens of people who help lift me back up again.

Dream Big, Skylar


Skylar 13

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