Just Life: My Biggest Motivator

Although there are so many things that motivate me daily there is one thing, or person, who is always on my mind helping me to keep going.

He is my rock. I can think of a few, okay many, instances where I have been on the verge of a mental breakdown and I can go to him with tears in my eyes and have someone who I know will just listen. He won’t judge, or interrupt, he will just listen and genuinely care to hear what it is that is cluttering my mind. He lets me get things off my chest and then offers a simple hug and reassurance that it will all get better. I can’t thank him enough for helping to bring me back to reality in the most difficult of times.

He doesn’t seek acceptance or permission. He is completely self-motivated and doesn’t need anyone telling him that what he is doing is right, or wrong, he lives his life for himself. It is so admirable to find a person who doesn’t need others to make themselves feel good: likes, followers, Facebook friends, that is not what defines this young man. What defines him is his ability to stay true to himself.

He is my number one fan (even though he’d never admit it). Always sending me texts, “That new picture is sweet”, “your Instagram is at 1234 followers, woah!”, “Where you off to this week?”. He is proud of me and that is the greatest feeling. I love to know that I am someone he looks up to.

He pushes himself just as much as he pushes me. Setting goals in school, setting goals in sports, setting goals for the role model he wants to be to young people. He is motivated and sets his goals high. He isn’t afraid to reach for an out of state engineering university because he is the type of person who will set his mind to something and do whatever he needs to do to achieve it.

He loves me regardless. If all of this recent success ended and I went back to just being my regular (non-model) self, he would still be by my side. When all else has failed, our friendship has always been there. As they say, he is my “day one”.

My little brother has been my greatest influence through all of my life, always giving me a reason to push. Whether he knows it or not, he does now, he is the one person I want to make proud. I want to be someone he looks up to and someone who can be there for every step of his amazing journey.

Noah, I am so proud of the young man you are becoming everyday. Thank you for always being my biggest supporter. I am so lucky to be your big sister.



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